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Art and Art History

This guide is intended for the beginner researcher in art and art history.

Search for Art and Art History Scholarly Articles

These are some databases that you can use to search for scholarly articles about art and related fields. For a complete list of Art and Architecture Databases, go to, Articles and Databases, and then select Art and Architecture.

Search for Artist Biographies

Popular Art Periodicals

Popular art periodicals can be great resources for information on contemporary artists, exhibition reviews, and art auctions. Use the "search within this publication" feature to search for articles by keyword. You can also search all of these simultaneously by using the database Art and Architecture Source.

Specialized Art Databases

Search for Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and theses are great resources because of their extensive bibliographies on a particular subject, which can lead you to relevant resources. These databases can also be used to decide if your thesis or dissertation idea is original.