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An overview of the resources available for researchers in the field of Television.

Finding Television Ratings

Nielsen Ratings: 

  • Measure the popularity of American television programs.
  • Developed by Nielsen Media Research, the ratings are not qualitative evaluations of how much a program is "liked," but, instead, how many many people watched.
  • In essence, Nielsen ratings help determine the audience size and composition of television programming.

Visit the methodologies page to learn more about how Nielsen collects data.

Other Ratings Sites:

TV by the Numbers

TVbytheNumbers’ priorities are:

  • Provide an online warehouse of useful data about the television industry
  • Provide thoughtful and timely analysis on the data, news, and issues that drive the industry
  • Make the data easier to understand and absorb both through analysis and charting techniques
  • Prognosticate on the future
  • Be a favorite destination of those interested or involved in the data that drives the industry