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Animal Alternatives Searching

This guide was designed to aid researchers completing literature searches for animal alternatives as part of the protocol submission and review of NYU's University Animal Welfare Committee (UAWC).

Selecting Databases to Search

Use the following sections to select at least two databases to search. You may wish to start with a general biomedical database, like PubMed, and then supplement it with one more focused on a topic relevant for your protocol, like behavior, or one that allows you to search methods more thoroughly by allowing you to search full-text.

Basic Biology & Biomedical Databases

Alternatives-focused databases

Topic-focused Databases

Full-text Search

Most databases search only the title, abstract, and some descriptors added by the database or authors. In many cases, especially when looking for detailed methods, a search of the full-text of an article is best. The following resources may not be comprehensive in scope, but do allow full-text searching and may be a good complement to a search of PubMed or Biological Abstracts.

More Resources

For a more comprehensive list of Biology databases and resources, see the full list of NYU biology databases..