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Ancient Israel

This guide supports classes studying Ancient Israel. It is a gateway to selected resources, including books, journal articles, and web sites.

Main Indexes/Databases

While RAMBI and the Religion Index cover some of the same journals, there are sufficient differences to warrant that both be searched for comprehensive research on topics in the study of ancient Israel.

TIP: getting from Citation to Full Text

Searching the Religion Index click on the NYU icon  GetIt NYU gray icon.  next to a citation to get options for full text. If full text is not available, which is often the case for older journal articles, click on the BobCat link, and search for a print version of the journal. If Bobst does not have a print subscription, request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

Since RAMBI does not have the NYU icon  GetIt NYU gray icon.  copy the journal title and search for full text through the Journals link.  Follow the above steps, if full text is not available.