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Ancient Israel

This guide supports classes studying Ancient Israel. It is a gateway to selected resources, including books, journal articles, and web sites.

The Bible in the Reference Collection

The Anchor Bible Commentaries series provides annotated translations with commentaries for every book in the Bible, old and new testaments. They are all located in the same call number area in the Social Sciences and Humanities Reference Center.

Here's one example for Exodus.

Below are various versions of Study Bibles: from the Jewish Publication Society; HarperCollins; Oxford; and Cambridge

The Bible on the Web

Other ANE Texts in the Reference Collection

This section starts with books that provide parallels to biblical texts from ancient Near East literatures, specifically the standard works: Hallo's COS and Pritchard's ANET. (A list that cross-references the primary texts found in both, or just in one or the other can be found at the COS/ANET Index).

It then moves to text collections of various Near East cultures, e.g., Akkad, and finishes with specific text collections, e.g., Qumran.

ANE Texts on the Web