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Biology (New York/Shanghai/Abu Dhabi)

A guide to resources for finding articles, books, and data in biology. Includes resources to comply with NIH research rigor and transparency initiatives.


There's a lot of data available out there and this page can't include it all. Are you looking for sample electrocardiogram data? Do you wish you could easily compare the lifespans of different species in one database? Contact us and we'll see what we can find.

General Life Science Data

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Data

Neuroscience Data

Brain Atlases

You can also search for brain atlases (many are available as ebooks) in the catalog.

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry



Genes & Expression


Organism Names & Taxonomy

Model Organisms

Names (& Naming) of Genes & Variants

You'll often see that genes have multiple names, symbols, and IDs associated with them. This can cause confusion when reporting on genes or sequences and also when searching for them. Gene nomenclature committees and molecular sequence databases provide standardized names and identifiers as well as known synonyms.

  • Approved gene symbol: There are species-specific rules about naming genes. Nomenclature committees that assign gene names and symbols exist for a variety of organisms (see below). 
  • Accession IDs: Molecular sequence databases assign unique accession numbers to each submitted sequence. The International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (DDBJ/EMBL-EBI/NCBI) assigns accessions in a specific format. 
  • Gene variants: HGVS is the standard for reporting human gene variants. Organism-specific nomenclature committees provide species-specific rules for unambiguously naming variants. See below for links to more specific resources and information.

Converting Identifiers


Other Organisms