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Health (Nursing, Medicine, Allied Health): GN2130 Background Question

Guide to locating health evidence.

Background Info, Muslim Women and STDs

Question: I am looking for background info to support a Muslim patient with an STD,

Answer: Some suggested resources

  1. Look in Books/E-Texts Tab above, try:
    • Search Nursing Reference Center Plus: "Muslim Women," and notice the first few hits:
      • Sexual Health Knowledge and Needs:Young Muslim Women in Melbourne, Australia
    • Search Ebook Central e.g with these terms.: Muslim Women Health Virginity
      • A search within one result, this title Virginity Lost : An Intimate Portrait of First Sexual Experiences A search on Muslim OR Islam, leads to
        Mernissi, Fatima. 1991. Women and Islam: An historical and theological enquiry.
        Kakar, Sudhir. 1990. Intimate relations: Exploring Indian sexuality. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Available in Bobst Library:
      • A search on Subject: Transcultural Nursing AND Textword: Muslim OR Islam
    • Search CREDO Reference (aggregated online encyclopedias): 215 results for the search: "muslim AND women AND virginity," including the entry:   " Volume 3: Family, Body, Sexuality and Health  from Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures"

  2. Search for an article.
    Try this in PubMed: muslim AND women AND virginity,
    sample result:

    Try this in CINAHLPlus: Subject MH:  ISLAM  AND keyword virginity