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Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures: Language/Linguistics

A guide for those interested in Spanish and Portuguese language and literature.

Language and Linguistics Online Resources

For an online dictionary, see

Cambridge University Press

De Gruyter

Oxford Bibliographies (search or browse inside the Bibliographies for entries on the topics below)

  • Selected topics related to language:
    • Bilingual Education
    • Child Language Acquisition
    • Heritage Languages
    • Minority Languages
    • Quechuan and Aymaran Languages
    • Renaissance and Reformation Vernacular Languages and Dialects
    • South American Indian Languages
    • Spanglish
    • Spanish in the United States
    • Translation
  • Selected topics related to Linguistics include:
    • Cognitive Linguistics
    • Comparative-Historical Linguistics
    • Sociolinguistics

Language and Linguistics Print Resources

  • Real Academia Española. Diccionario de la lengua española. 21st ed. Madrid: Espasa Calpe, c.1995.
    The most recent edition of the Spanish Academy dictionary is much more comprehensive than earlier editions were. The "Preámbulo" notes the improved etymologies, due to the use of Corominas's studies, and the addition of many technical and scientific terms. Earlier editions generally contained only the vocabulary of leading authors, thus precluding scientific and technical terms, slang, and colloquial expressions. The newer editions of the dictionary also have more americanismos.