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Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures

An overview of resources for research on Iberian and Latin American languages, literatures, and cultures.

Dictionaries and Lexicons

Romance Languages

General Reference: Linguistics

See also the research guide for the field of Linguistics for more resources.

  • Oxford Bibliographies: Search or browse inside the Bibliographies for entries on the topics below (and others)
    • Selected topics related to language:
      • Bilingual Education
      • Child Language Acquisition
      • Minority Languages
      • Quechuan and Aymaran Languages
      • Renaissance and Reformation Vernacular Languages and Dialects
      • Spanglish
      • Spanish in the United States
      • Translation
    • Selected topics related to Linguistics include:
      • Cognitive Linguistics
      • Comparative-Historical Linguistics
      • Sociolinguistics