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U.S. News Stories and Newspapers

This is a guide to finding both online and print newspapers at NYU Libraries.

Microforms Aren't Scary!

Older copies of newspapers are often only available in microform, but this format should not stop you from using the material!

What are microforms?

Microforms are pieces of film that contain reproductions of magazines, journals, and other materials. Because newsprint and other types of paper often decay, microforms are used as a method of preserving content.  Microforms come in 2 formats: microfilm (on reels) and microfiche (sheets).

Where are the microforms?

Microforms are located on LL2 in the Microforms Reading Room.

Can I get help?

The Microforms Reading Room is staffed. In addition, notebooks with instructions are available.

Can I make copies?

All microform machines have printing capabilities; some machines also allow you to make PDF.

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I Need a Physical Copy of the Newspaper!

Sometimes it's necessary to look at a physical copy of a newspaper. Databases such as LexisNexis and Proquest only provide full text of articles and often exclude graphics or photos associated with stories.  Moreover, they don't allow you to see the context of the news story because you do not see the page that the story appeared on. 

Below are ways to either locate physical copies or physical representations of newspapers.

Digital Replicas of U.S. Newspapers (Online)

U.S. Newspapers in Print

Current Hard Copies: Print

  • Current print copies of U.S. newspapers are located in the 3rd Floor Current Periodicals Reading Room. Generally speaking, we retain a month's worth of the print newspaper.
  • Search BobCat (to your left) to see if we subscribe to a newspaper in hard copy.

Older Hard Copies: Microforms

Sometimes you need an older newspaper that has not been made digitally available.  For the most part, newspapers will be in microfiche or microfilm. While NYU retains microforms for many major US newspapers, New York Public Library will have a more comprehensive collection.

To find older copies:

  • Search BobCat to see if NYU retains older copies
  • Search the New York Public Research Libraries catalog, CatNYP, to see if NYPL has a copy.