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LexisNexis REST API

Learn how to request access to the LexisNexis REST API at NYU.

LexisNexis REST API at NYU

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What is the LexisNexis REST API?

The LexisNexis Web Services REST API - formerly called the the LexisNexis Web Services Kit or "WSK" - is a subscription service that allows researchers to text mine LexisNexis' full text collections. It is an optimal choice for those who need to mine the most current news sources.

Access to LexisNexis text data is mediated by both NYU Libraries and LexisNexis' staff. The timeliness of provisioning access and support is dependent upon LexisNexis' current workload. As such, time-sensitive requests for access to the API are strongly discouraged and may not be able to be accommodated.

Using the API requires technical skills, including basic-to-intermediate fluency with Python, JSON, and XML.

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