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Writing in the Health and Social Sciences: Citation Management and Formatting Tools

Citation Management Tools enable you to:

Import   citations from databases, websites, catalogs
Organize  citations using folders and tags
Attach  PDFs, images, etc. to your citations
Annotate  your citations and/or PDFs
Output  auto-formatted bibliographies and in-text citations (APA, MLA, & hundreds more styles)

How do I choose the right tool?

It depends on your personal needs and preferences. This comparison chart can help.

Library Classes

Bobst Library offers (one-shot) classes that cover citation management, data use and management, high performance computing, and general research skills.

Just need to format a few references?

Citation Management Tools

For help choosing: See comparison chart
For help using: See schedule of RefWorks, EndNote, and Zotero classes (coded in pink)

Features and Functionality of Citation Management Tools

  RefWorks EndNote Mendeley Zotero
Web Based Yes No* No* No*
Cost Free** Free** Free*** Free
Adding References        
Import from online databases Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import citation information from web page Yes Yes (Web Component) Yes Yes
Create in-text citations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create bibliographies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sharing references Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sharing PDFs No Yes****
(up to 17 group members)
(up to 3 group members)
(unlimited group
Group ability to add references to shared folder No Yes Yes Yes
Publicly share Profile/citations No Yes Yes Yes
Storage 5GB 5GB 2GB (free)

Yes, 300 MB cloud based and unlimited on desktop****


*While these tools are not Web based, meaning you need to download a desktop application, they do have a web component (which can be used without being on the desktop download and which can be synced with the desktop).

**NYU Libraries licenses the use of RefWorks and EndNote for NYU students and faculty.

***Can pay for a more robust subscription, but the basic package is free.

****PDFs may be shared in private groups (size of group depends on tool, as does the amount of free storage available for PDFs).