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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

A guide for finding articles and other resources associated with Chemical and Biomolecular engineering

Tips for Browsing Library Collection

Many research and  academic libraries assign call numbers to books using the Library of Congress Classification system.  This system is arranged by subject matter.  Browsing online library catalogs or shelves by call number is an effiencent method of locating materials.  For a complete outline visit the Library of Congress Classification website (

For example, if you are interested in books on Polymers look under the call number T 1080 to T 1185.

Library of Congress Call Numbers - QD, T, TP

Chemistry & Chemical Technology

1-999            Chemistry
1-65               General
                       Including alchemy
71-142             Analytical chemistry
146-197            Inorganic chemistry
241-441            Organic chemistry
415-436              Biochemistry
450-801            Physical and theoretical chemistry
625-655              Radiation chemistry
701-731              Photochemistry
901-999            Crystallography

1-995            Technology (General)
201-342            Patents.  Trademarks

1-1185           Chemical technology
155-156            Chemical engineering
200-248            Chemicals: Manufacture, use, etc.
248.13-248.65      Biotechnology
250-261            Industrial electrochemistry
267.5-301          Explosives and pyrotechnics
315-360            Fuel
368-456            Food processing and manufacture
480-498            Low temperature engineering.  Cryogenic
                     engineering.  Refrigeration
500-660            Fermentation industries.  Beverages.  Alcohol
670-699            Oils, fats, and waxes
690-692.5            Petroleum refining.  Petroleum products
700-746            Illuminating industries (Nonelectric)
751-762            Gas industry
785-869            Clay industries.  Ceramics.  Glass
875-888            Cement industries
890-933            Textile bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc.
934-945            Paints, pigments, varnishes, etc.
1080-1185          Polymers and polymer manufacture