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Data Analysis and Integration (DAI)

Data Analysis and Integration (DAI)

The Data Analysis and Integration (DAI) department is a fairly new department within the Knowledge Access and Resource Management Services (KARMS) directorate. Formed in fall 2017, the DAI pulled together technical staff from two departments in KARMS (Resource Management and Knowledge Access Design & Development) as well as staff from Library Information Technology Services. The formation of this department has greatly improved coordination of services focusing on data and has allowed the Libraries to better allocate staff resources, by eliminating duplication of effort across departments. DAI consists of 7 FTE professionals, including the Sr. Manager of DAI who acts as the Department Head.

The department is responsible for:

  • implementation, documentation, and routinization of automated processing workflows;
  • design and application of tools for data extraction, remediation, enhancement, and aggregation;
  • monitoring, administration, maintenance, and configuration of the library ILS, search and discovery systems;
  • management and integration of e-resource metadata across library systems;
  • and development, administration, and maintenance of the Division of Libraries’ data warehouse including oversight of the ingest, extraction, and delivery data in support of library services and assessment. 

Mission and Values

The DAI department aligns it's work with the Mission and Values of the Division of Libraries.    In particular, we manage the core library systems (such as Alma and Primo VE) that support the acquisition, description, discoverability, and access to the division's diverse collections.  In support of these core systems, as well as a diverse variety of other data needs within the division of Libraries, we also manage the Division of Libraries' Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence  platforms, and other workflows and automations.