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Data Analysis and Integration (DAI)

What We Do (DAI's major responsibilities)

Workflow Analysis and Development:

  • find new efficiencies for NYU faculty and staff, creating and maintaining data visualizations to aid decision-making
  • development of new tools (macros, web applications, algorithms) to automate repetitive or time-intensive tasks and improve data accuracy

Data Remediation:

  • large-scale analysis and clean-up projects to improve discovery

Library Systems Administration:

  • configuration, administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting for core library systems and its accompanying services (NCIP, SIP2, Z39.50) and Primo VE (Search & Discovery)

Building APIs:

  • building middleware APIs and extending functionalities

Translating Data Between Multiple Systems and Platforms:

  • using external data to populate or enrich ILS (WorldShare, ArchivesSpace, WorldCat, Clancy/Caiasoft, SimplyE, HathiTrust, etc.)
  • syncing Alma data to external systems, including holdings data to WorldCat and appropriate bibliographic data to RapidILL, ReShare, HathiTrust, WorldCat, Share-VDE, etc.

Infrastructure and open standards:

  • support new technology initiatives, especially those which promote open standards and interoperability in the larger library and publishing ecosystem.
  • work on global efforts to promote open standards rather than siloed vendor solutions for metadata sharing, ebook formats (EPUB), Digital Rights Management (DRM), controlled digital lending (CDL), and E-Inter-library loans (E-ILL).
  • Promote accessibility standards and equal access to information.

Functional Integration Services:

  • We administer the Library Data Warehouse (LDW), which serves as a data warehouse, provides Alma back-office functions and works as a programming platform.
  • The data warehouse module ingests and stores data from a wide range of sources including data from within the University and from without. This data is held in databases and used in building reports, stats, and Tableau dashboards.
  • The programming platform is used to build software that helps us:
    • integrate ILS system (Alma) with other systems: Illiad, Ares, Clancy, Book Store project
    • ingest, match and manipulate other data sources with Library ILS like vendor loads, patron loads
    • update, re-load, process, extract data and refresh reports, stats, paid invoices, circulation notices
  • The back-office component augments basic Alma functionality by executing over 300 programs as jobs on a pre-set schedule. 
    • For example; the programs dealing with circulation notices send out thousands of emails daily for library resource requests placed in NYC, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi NYU libraries.

Business Intelligence:

  •  We are the Tableau admins for the library. Our mission is to help the library become a more data informed organization by gathering, analyzing and visualizing the data.
  • LDW is helping with Data Analytics: The existing databases are used in developing reports, stats and Tableau dashboards.

  • Tableau server is helping with Data visualization.  This is a team effort, where the DAI team publishes  data to the NYU Tableau server, creating interactive data dashboards which in turn are used by various NYU schools and the libraries to analyze that data and make business decisions based on it.  We are the Tableau admins for the library.

  • Our mission is to help the library become a more data informed organization by gathering, analyzing and visualizing the data.

Discovery Systems:

  • Administration, configuration, testing, and development of Primo, our primary discovery system.
  • Develop configuration practices and vision for our discovery system that:  
    • helps us maximize the value of the catalog for our patrons,
    • is amenable to being enhanced or extended in response to ongoing user assessments,
    • and is well documented.