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Data Sources: Data Sources for Instructional purposes

An overview of data sources at NYU and beyond

Data Sources for Instructional Purposes

This list contains data products that are especially valuable for instructional purposes.

These sources are particularly useful for teaching due to their presentation, ease of access, relatively "clean" condition of the data, and topical and subject diversity represented. Many of these sources provide fulsome documentation, detailed code books, and contextualizing materials, and some even provide pre-made lessons that go along with the datasets. These collections have been licensed by the NYU Libraries and have datasets that go beyond what is freely available on the web in general, with resources that have been selected, manipulated, and/or harmonized to increase their utility.

Nearly all of these sources offer download of data in at least .csv or .xls format, and often in a statistical package-ready (SPSS, STATA, etc.) format.

This list contains a highly selective list of governmental and quasi-governmental data sources.

There are many other governmental sources of data, so please see our full guide to Data Finding for more suggestions. 




Other interesting datasets

There are a number of other datasets of interest listed here that particularly lend themselves to teaching advanced quantitative analysis and data manipulation techniques. 

Subject-specific sources of data. Click through to begin exploring.

These sources contain pre-built instructional materials. 

There are a handful of resources that specialize in presenting datasets along with added instructional materials. These products contain contextual documentation and often lesson plans and curriculum building tools. 

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