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Dibner VR Loaning Program

This guide provides an overview to Dibner's Virtual Reality loaning program and provides links to submit content to the headset.

Introducing the new Dibner Library Virtual Reality Loaning Program!

This guide is an overview of the new Dibner Library's Virtual Reality Loaning Program. 

This new program intends to give students access to hardware resources to explore Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and 360 video to their full extent. Dibner ITS is piloting this program with interest in further expanding the program depending on interest. 

The program currently offers:

  • Two Meta Quest 2 VR Headsets, with Handles and a Charger
  • One 360 Go Pro Camera with Tripod
  • The ability to upload software to test on the Virtual Reality Headsets

Where can I loan these Virtual Reality Kits?

Bern Dibner Library Service Desk:

The Virtual Reality Loaning Kits and GoPro Camera can be loaned from the Dibner Public Services Desk, located on the third floor of 5 Metrotech Center. 

Both the Headsets and the GoPro Camera are week long loans and can be taken out of the library. 

Returning the Virtual Reality Kit or the GoPro Camera

When you return the Virtual Reality Kit or the Go Pro, please make sure to refer to the physical checklist provided in each kit. This way, you can make sure each part is returned to the library.

The Virtual Reality Kit contains the following:

  • One Meta Quest 2 Headset
  • Two Meta Quest 2 Handles
  • One Charging Cable and Block

The Go Pro Camera Kit contains the following:

  • One Go Pro Camera
  • One Tripod
  • One Charging Cable
  • One 64 gigabyte SD Card

Take Our Survey

Dibner ITS is interested in expanding the current Virtual Reality loaning program to include more diverse devices for further experimentation by students.

If you are also interested in helping us expand the program, please take some time to fill out this Google Form survey