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Drug Information

A starting point for locating drug information in books, articles, and other sources.

Bibliographic Databases (for locating journal articles)

Health sciences literature databases house the body of drug research. Here are links to the most popular bibliographic databases with searching tips for finding drug-specific information.

When searching for information about a particular drug or substance, note that most drugs have may be referred to by several different names: trade name, generic name, and chemical name. Therefore, in order to get the most comprehensive global search results, synonyms must be used.

  • Trade name - proprietary, brand name for the drug; often differs based on country of manufacture, e.g. Tylenol (U.S.) is the same as Panadol (Australia)
  • Generic name - non-proprietary name for the drug; sometimes differs based on country of manufacture, e.g. acetaminophen (U.S.) is the same as paracetamol (U.K., Japan)
  • Chemical name - scientific name for the drug based on it's molecular structure, e.g. N-acetyl-p-aminophenol

Selected Drug and Pharmacology Journals

NYU subscribes to thousands of drug and pharmacology journals available online or in print. Here are some key drug and pharmacology journals from our collection: