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Environmental Science

A guide to resources for finding articles, books, and data on environmental topics. Includes resources for reports, tools, and data in multiple disciplines relevant to environmental science including energy, agriculture, and public policy.


Environmental studies is very broad, encompassing topics related to human health, energy, economics, climate science, and more. You may need to consider other disciplines that will be interested in your topic. For example,

  • If you are interested in ways to improve access to clean water, engineering databases might help you discover systems that have proven effective.
  • If you're looking at political or regulatory issues, you may want to search databases focused on public policy.
  • For biodiversity information, you may need to reference very early sources of information not available in most online databases.

Below are resources listed by topic area that can include journal articles, grey literature, such as technical and governmental reports, as well as sources for data.

General or Multidisciplinary Sources for Environmental Data

Ecology & Biodiversity

Environmental Health & Toxicology

Climate, Water, Earth & Atmosphere


Building & Engineering

Public Policy

Business & Economics