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Gallup Respondent Level Data

A guide to the Gallup datasets that NYU Data Services provides.

Gallup World Poll, Social Series, US Daily and COVID-19 Microdata

NYU Libraries provides mediated access to the Gallup World Poll, US Daily Poll, Gallup Poll Social Series (GPSS) and COVID 19 panel microdata (individual questionnaire-level data) for members of the NYU community. This data is useful if you'd like to run your own statistical analysis.  The Gallup Analytics resource provides summary-level data. 

To request Gallup data (or ask questions about this resource), please contact Data Services ( with the name of the data collection you are interested in using (World Poll, US Daily, GPSS) and a list of desired variables. Consult the specific subpages provided on this guide to understand these collections and their documentation.

License restrictions

Our license requires that NYU Libraries create custom extracts for you rather than releasing the full datasets.  Below is a description of the datasets and instructions for requesting an extract.

Gallup Poll Microdata Releases

  • World Poll: 2006-2021.  Updated annually usually in February.
  • US Daily Tracker: 2008-2018 (and Well Being for 2019). The US Well Being 2019 survey only includes data from January-August.  
  • Gallup Poll Social Series (GPSS): generally 2001-2022.  Each month is associated with a particular topic.
  • Gallup Panel – COVID-19 Survey: March 2020 - May 2022.