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Gallup Respondent Level Data

A guide to the Gallup datasets that NYU Data Services provides.

US Daily Tracker 2008-2017

The Gallup U.S. Poll, which began in 2008 as the Gallup Daily tracking survey, ran through 2017. It gauged Americans' opinions and perceptions of the most pressing political and economic issues and the current events that affected the world, the U.S. and their lives.

Gallup routinely incorporated additional questions into the Gallup U.S. Poll on a short-term basis. These extra questions covered topical issues, including views of events in the news.

How to Request Gallup U.S. Daily Tracking

Getting access to respondent-level data from the Gallup U.S. Daily Tracking is a similar process. There is no comparable discovery tool for U.S. Daily Tracking poll questions; instead, users are encouraged to search in the codebooks listed below. We have also created a matrix of available variables across years for your reference. Follow the same process of assembling question variable as described in the World Poll section above. The only significant difference is that you will want to indicate variables that you want that specify the geographic location of the respondent. And because of the mixed-methdology approach of gathering the data (see the U.S. Daily Tracking Poll Methodology), we highly recommend that you request weight variables as well.