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Geographic Information Systems: Learn GIS

Access to software, data, and learning materials for geospatial analysis

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Upcoming Data Services Classes

Regularly Offered Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Classes

NYU Data Services provides a number of introductory classes, tutorials, and training resources for learning GIS, conducting spatial analysis, geocoding, and finding spatial data through the Spatial Data Repository. To request a specialized or customized tutorial or class session, please fill out our request form. In addition, Data Services also provides a full range of online GIS training offered by ESRI for students, faculty and staff interested in exploring GIS technology, concepts, and applications.

ESRI Online Classes

ESRI Online Courses are a collection of intensive interactive training courses covering everything from the basics of making maps to advanced spatial analysis. These courses include conceptual material and presentations, hands-on software exercises, and exams. Access to the appropriate ArcGIS software is required to complete course exercises. NYU students, faculty and staff can get access to any non-instructor-led Esri Academy course free of cost.

In order to take an ESRI training course, explore the list of courses below, and please email Data Services ( and ask to be added to NYU's organizational account. Once you are given access, you will be able to select any non-instructor-led course you like and take it for free.

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