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Health (Nursing, Medicine, Allied Health): GN2041 Issues and Trends Search TIPS

Guide to locating health evidence.

Search Tips







Citation in APA format . 


1. Looking for overviews and/or a focus area


social determinants of health

 <your disease or condition> AND social determinants of health

Limit by publication date
Dagogo-Jack, S. (2016). Diabetes Mellitus in Developing Countries and Underserved Communities. Springer.

Scroll to Chapter 14: Diabetes in Native Populations and Underserved Communities in the USA


Credo Reference

social determinants of health

social determinants of health AND asthma, 

social determinants of health AND diabetes

try the limit to ProCon
Social Policies and Health Inequalities | Blackwell Companions to Sociology: The New Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology—Credo Reference. (n.d.). Retrieved February 10, 2020, from
Try the CITATION feature

Nursing Reference Center Plus


diabetes AND food insecurity


2. Looking for individual studies, in articles via databases,


<your disease or condition> AND social determinants of health

 <your disease or condition> AND social determinants of health AND health policy

<your disease or condition> AND (uninsured OR disparities)

<your disease or condition> AND (uninsured OR disparities) AND health policy

Limit to Publication type: "Review"
Liou, Y. M., Yang, Y.-L., Wang, T.-Y., & Huang, C.-M. (2015). School lunch, policy, and environment are determinants for preventing childhood obesity: Evidence from a two-year nationwide prospective study. Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, 9(6), 563–572. PubMed.
Look for the new 
CITE feature in Pubmed, to cite one citation at a time in APA

3. Looking for more articles via databases,

Search Proquest Central

affordable care act

(PPACA OR affordable care act OR health care reform OR Obamacare)


women's health



Gurley-Calvez, T., PhD, Bullinger, L., MPA, & Kapinos, K. A., PhD. (2018). Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Breastfeeding Outcomes. American Journal of Public Health, 108(2), 277–283. Agricultural & Environmental Science Collection; PAIS Index; ProQuest Central.

Look for the "CITE" feature! 

Search PsycINFO if your topic is related to behavior, addictions, mental health, etc.

(sociocultural factors/ or socioeconomic status/  OR health disparities/) AND <your topic>


health care policy AND <your topic>

  Limit to methodology "literature review"    


Social Determinants of Health AND pregnancy

  Limit to publication type "Research"     
4. Web searching Search health topic        

Many policy briefs can be located online.  Google searches:

Include the phrase "policy brief" in your search. (Keep the quotation marks around "policy brief" to find this exact phrase.)

Use a site: search. This will limit your search to a broad domain (e.g., .org sites, .edu sites, .gov sites)

"policy brief" health insurance



health insurance "policy brief"
site: org

Health Policy Brief: Young Adults and the Affordable Care Act | Health Affairs. (n.d.). Retrieved February 10, 2020, from


4. Need APA help? 




Youtube Video: the "Bike Helmet Search," Using Boolean Operators (2 min, 38 sec)