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Health (Nursing, Medicine, Allied Health): Oncology Nursing N41.1302

Guide to locating health evidence.

Oncology Nursing N41.1302, Help with Lit Search

To scope for Background information  start with the Find Books/E Books tab above, then scroll to locate an aggregator like:

  1. A "point of care" tool: Nursing Reference Center Plus      (directions for mobile APP access)

    • Try a search: lymphedema

    • Try a search: prostate cancer psychosocial; then limit on left menu to "evidence based care sheets."

  2. Search an aggregator of encyclopedias like Credo Reference. Try a search on: "lung cancer and behavior" 

  3. Locate an e-book by subject, on the Ebook Central platform. Search: lymphedema

  4. Locate an e-book by title, on the Ebook Central platform. Now available: Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing, 5th ed, 2019.

  5. Locate drug information. Try a search in Lexicomp.  (Directions for mobile APP access)

Locate Foreground Information to bring your search up to date using journal articles. Use the FIND ARTICLES/DATABASES tab above to search:


  • Use the "suggest subject terms" box, above the text entry field, to help locate the standard term for a topic.  (Cancer maps to neoplasms. Marijuana maps to Cannabis  OR Medical Marijuana )  Use a limit to a "Review" article to find a summary.

  • Search breast neoplasms, "explode" to include narrower terms. Limit to the "psychosocial" aspects.

PubMed/Medline @ NYU:

  • Locate a recent summary of a topic by locating a "Review" article. 

    • Example, in PubMed, search for marijuana AND cancer pain,

    • Or do a better search using MeSH terms:  cannabis AND neoplasms AND pain  

    • Search prostate cancer and (coping OR psychological OR depression)

    • Next, use the limits on left to restrict to  a "Review Article."


  • Search for neoplasms AND depression

  • Limit results to methodology "Literature Review" OR "Systematic Review"

Proquest Central

Use the Advanced Search feature to locate both newspapers and journals:

  • Try a Subject search: medical marijuana AND pain

  • Try a Subject search: medical marijuana AND cancer

  • Try a Subject search:  cannabis AND pain

  • Try a keyword search: breast cancer AND mental health AND spouse

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

  • Search Mindfulness. What does it map to? 

  • Search ginger AND chemotherapy