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Media Preservation

A guide to the Media Preservation program at NYU Libraries; resources on the long-term care of film, video, and audio materials.


We maintain audiovisual reformatting stations within the Media Preservation Unit at NYU Libraries. Located in Bobst Library, our mandate is to provide long-term care for film, video, and audio materials held in the NYU Libraries collections. Please note that we do not offer services for faculty, students, or external partners at this time. The NYU community may wish to contact the NYU Digital Studio.

Below is a list of our transfer stations with detailed technical information, including hardware and software. 

Audio Lab

  • Capture Computer: Apple Mac Pro (2013) Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 (spec)
  • PrismSound PSM-ADA8XR
  • Open Reel Audio:Otari MX-5050BIII-P x2; Revox B77 
  • Audiocassette: Tascam CC-122MKIII 
  • Phonodisc: Rek-O-Kut EST-CVS-16
  • Microcassette: Sony M-2000 
  • Digital Audio Tape: Sony PCM 7040 
  • Speakers: Genelec A1302 x2
  • Software: Steinberg WaveLab 9.5

Video Lab

  • Capture Computer: Apple Mac Pro, (2009)  Quad-Core Intel Xeon (spec)
  • Capture Computer: Apple iMac Pro (2017), 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W (spec)
  • Ingest Card: Blackmagic Decklink HD PCIe
  • Ingest Card: Blackmagic UltraStudio HD Mini
  • TBC: Snell & Wilcox TBS185
  • TBC: DPS-465
  • Umatic: Sony VO-9850
  • Umatic: Sony VO-9800
  • VHS: JVC SR-S365U x2
  • DigiBeta: Sony DVW-A500
  • DigiBeta: Sony DVW-M2000
  • DVCam: Sony DSR-1500U
  • HDV: Sony HVR-M35U
  • HDcam: Sony HDW-D1800 

Motion Picture Film Scanning Lab

  • Scanner Computer: Windows 10 Intel Core i7-5820k @ 3.50GHz 
  • Grading Computer: Windows 10 Intel Core i7-8700 @ 3.70GHz 
  • Scanner: Lasergraphics ScanStation
  • Storage: FreeNAS-11.1-U4 Intel Xeon CPU e5-2650 v2 @ 2.60 GHz, 22 TB
  • Software: DaVinci Resolve 10; Adobe Premiere 2018

Additional Video Lab Equipment

  • Capture Computer: Apple Mac Pro, (2013) Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 (spec)
  • TBC: Leitch DPS-295
  • BlackMagic UltraStudio 4K Extreme
  • VHS/S-VHS: Sony SVO-5800
  • VHS/S-VHS: JVC HR-S9911U
  • Hi8/8 - Sony EVO-550H
  • Digital8/Hi8/Video8: GV-D200
  • Compact Cassette: Tascam CC-222MKIV
  • LaserDisc: Pioneer CLD V-2400
  • LaserDisc: Pioneer CLD-D606
  • Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope: Tektronix WFM 7020 
  • HDV Deck: Sony HVR-M25U 
  • Steinberg UR44 USB Audio Interface
  • Software: Adobe Premiere 2019; Steinberg Wavelab 9.5