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Museum Studies

This purpose of this guide is to facilitate research in the area of museum studies.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

Want to browse the stacks by call number? NYU Libraries use the Library of Congress classification system. Here is a general list of Library of Congress call numbers for books related to museum studies and collecting. For more specific call number ranges, perform a keyword search in the library catalog to find a sample call number related to your topic. Remember that many books related to museum studies may only be available electronically. 

  • AM1-501: Museums. Collectors and Collecting
  • AM10-100: By country
  • AM 111-160: Museology. Museum methods, technique, etc. 
  • AM 200-501: Collectors and collecting​

Research Tip: Museum Publications

When searching for a museum publication in the library catalog, search for the museum name using quotes and the artist name or exhibition title. This will search the words as a complete phrase rather than as separate words. 

i.e. "brooklyn museum" and Mickalene Thomas

E-book Databases with Art and Humanities Content

Museum Studies Reference Books