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NYU Open Access Agreements with Publishers

An overview of open access publishing deals, with specific information and resources on NYU’s negotiated deals with both journal and monograph publishers.

Introduction to NYU Open Access Agreements with Publishers

This is a guide to the various ways that NYU-affiliated researchers can publish open access research with all or some of the publishing charges covered by NYU.

The goal of this guide is to provide an overview of open access publishing deals and then provide specific information and resources on NYU’s negotiated deals with both journal and monograph publishers.

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The Open Access movement seeks to make high quality research from scholars available freely online, so that this information is accessible to all at no cost. To learn more about Open Access as a concept, copyright, author rights, and more, please refer to the Open Access Research Guide created by the Scholarly Communications and Information Policy team.

The Collection Development department harnesses its pre-existing relationships with publishers from years of negotiating subscriptions and purchases to strategically invest in open access publishing agreements. Rather than simply providing access for the NYU community, we seek to use those resources to fund open access publishing so that people outside of NYU can also access these articles and monographs. Our goal is to increase equity and accessibility across academic publishing, while also increasing the value of the payments we make to publishers beyond simply paying a subscription for content that only the NYU community can access. Instead, we can use our funds to broaden access and increase the visibility of our researchers' work. 

There are Multiple Paths to Open Access

This LibGuide focuses on funding to publish your article open access with a peer-reviewed journal or an academic monograph publisher that would otherwise assess an article processing charge for open access publishing. However, you can also make a version of your work published in a traditional toll access journal open access by uploading your work to an institutional repository, like NYU’s Faculty Digital Archive. You will need to check with your publisher to make sure that you are allowed to do so. For more information, please refer to the Open Access LibGuide.

Additionally, there are some open access journals that do not charge a fee to authors. To see what journals this may apply for, you can search on the Directory of Open Access Journals by filtering for "fee-free journals."

Open Access Funding Mandates

Many major grant funders, including all members of cOAlition S, a primarily European-based consortium of governmental and non-governmental organizations, now require that researchers who use their funding publish their work open access. Additionally, an August 2022 memo (PDF 372 KB) from the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy has mandated that beginning in 2026, all research funded by the U.S. government will also need to be published open access. Therefore, grant recipients should carefully review grant requirements and have a plan for how they will publish their work open access when the time comes according to the regulations of their funder. For more information, please refer to the Open Access Funding Mandates information in the Open Access Research Guide.

Quick Facts on NYU Publishing Deals

Please see below an overview of all of NYU's current open access publishing deals. For more information, refer to the Current NYU Open Access Publishing Deals page of this guide. 

Publisher Publication Type Discount
American Chemical Society Journal Articles 100%
Bloomsbury Open Collections Monographs 100%
Cambridge University Press Journal Articles 100%
International Journal of Developmental Biology Journal Articles 10%
Karger Journal Articles 100%
Microbiology Journal Articles 100%
MIT Press Monographs 100%
OER Commons Open Educational Resources free to use
PLOS Journal Articles 100%
SPIE Journal Articles 25%
BioMed Central (part of Springer Nature) Journal Articles 15%
University of Michigan Press Monographs 100%
De Gruyter Journal Articles 100%



This Research Guide was created by Emma Quinn, Graduate Collections Assistant, in the fall of 2023 under the supervision of Jane Excell, Assistant Director of Collection Development.

Last updated July 10, 2024 by Sarina Sandwell, Graduate Collections Assistant.