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A guide to accessing RealtyTrac data at NYU.

Accessing RealtyTrac Data

RealtyTrac Logo.

  1. Agree to the terms of use (form). The RealtyTrac data is limited to use for personal academic research purposes only. By agreeing to the terms of use, you agree not to use the data for private, entrepreneurial purposes, and you agree not to share the data with anyone. 
  2. Log on to the Faculty Digital Archive. The data is housed in NYU's Faculty Digital Archive (FDA). In order to access it, you'll need to sign on to the FDA at least once. To do this, visit the FDA and log in on the upper right-hand corner, where it says "My FDA".   
  3. Wait to be contacted. If you haven't created an account in the FDA before, you must log on at least once before we can give you access. Once you've logged in, and once you've agreed to the terms of use, you'll be given access to the data.
  4. Visit the collection homepage. Once you've been contacted by Data Services, you can visit the collection homepage and download the files.