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RefWorks is a bibliographic citation management tool. This guide provides help using RefWorks.

Export to RefWorks from "Catalog Search" tab

To export one book from the Libraries' catalog to RefWorks:

After searching in "Catalog Search", when you're viewing the information about an individual book, click the "RefWorks" icon (located under Send to). 

Catalog record showing location of RefWorks button.

To export multiple books from the Libraries' catalog to RefWorks:

  1. If you'd like to send a batch of records at once, click the "Add this item" (the push pin icon in the record) as you browse your results. 
  2. Then go to your favorites, select the saved items that you want to send, and select the RefWorks icon.

​​​​​​​Library account showing RefWorks button located in saved items list  

Export to RefWorks from Article Databases

You can export references to RefWorks from nearly all of the library's subscribed databases.

  1. perform a search for resources,
  2. mark the references in your results list that you want,
  3. then look for a button that says "Send" or "Export" or "Push" and choose RefWorks from its drop-down menu. 

JSTOR is used as an example here, but most databases work in a similar way.

Screenshot of JSTOR database where a selection on ecoturism is checked and it shows the "Export to RefWorks" link under the "Export Selected Citations" button.

Export to RefWorks from Google Scholar

Google Scholar Settings:

To import references from Google Scholar you need to adjust your settings:

  1. click the "Settings" icon, click "Search results,"
  2. then in the "Bibliography Manager" drop-down,
  3. choose "RefWorks"

After adjusting your settings, when you search Google Scholar you will then be able to click on a button labeled "Import to RefWorks" under the citations in the result list.

Screenshot of Google Scholar Settings window with the "Settings" button circled and the words "Start by adjusting your settings" with an arrow pointing to the settings written above.

Citation example from Google Scholar on ecoturism with the button, "Import to RefWorks" circled and an arrow pointing to the button with the words "Each search result now has this option" written below.

Export References from Websites

RefWorks offers a tool that will try to scan and parse the webpage you are on and import its citation information into RefWorks.

Here are instructions to installing and using this tool:

Step 1:

From the main RefWorks page, click on the button that looks like three dots stacked on top of each other, and then click Tools

Screenshot of RefWorks interface showing where to download Save to Refworks plugin: under the three stacked dots icon and then selecting "Tools."

Step 2:

Click on Install Save to RefWorks. Then, drag the bookmarklet to the bookmark bar in your browser.

Screenshot of "Install Save to RefWorks" button then resulting "Save to RefWorks" button which is dragged to the browser in order to save websites to RefWords account.

Step 3:

Now, whenever you want to try to save something to RefWorks from webpage, just click on this button in your bookmark bar and RefWorks will open a panel and try to pull the information needed for a citation.

Upload PDFs to RefWorks

To upload a PDF to RefWorks, click on the "+" icon then choose "Upload document." Its metadata will create a reference.

Screenshot of RefWorks interface showing where to click to upload PDFs: the "+" icon, then choose "Upload document."

Read and annotate your PDF within RefWorks:

  • Choose the "Read" button within a resource's details. 
  • To annotate, select the comment icon (looks like a "conversation bubble").

Screenshot of RefWorks interface showing where to click to read ("Read" button) and annotate (comment icon) a PDF

Add References to RefWorks manually

If you want to cite something you did not find in a database (like a book, or a PDF found elsewhere), you can manually enter the citation information into RefWorks.

Step 1:

In RefWorks, click the plus sign icon in RefWorks' main menu and choose "Create New Reference."

Screenshot of RefWorks interface showing where to click to add a record manually: "+" icon and then choose "Create new reference" button.

Step 2:

In the form that appears, choose the source type (book, journal article, etc.) from the drop-down menu, then enter in the reference information and save.

Screenshot of RefWorks form with empty fields that text can be entered into.