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RefWorks is a bibliographic citation management tool. This guide provides help using RefWorks.

Create a Simple Bibliography

To create a simple bibliography to copy and paste into a document, select the desired folder and click the quotation mark icon on RefWorks' main menu and choose "Create Bibliography."

Screenshot of RefWorks with quotation mark icon circled which allows user to select "Create Bibliography" button.

Select your desired citation style (i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) then copy the bibliography and paste it into a Google Doc or Word document.

Screenshot of RefWorks bibliography tool that has the MLA 7th Edition circled.

Create Citations and a Bibliography Using Google Docs

Google Docs Plug-In

RefWorks has a plug-in to use with Google Docs that you can use to cite your sources and build your bibliography as you type your paper.  Follow these steps to install it.

Step 1:

The first step is to download the add-on. Start at the RefWorks "Tools" menu.

Screenshot of RefWorks with the words "Click here" pointing to the three stacked dots icon and then the button "Tools" circled.

Step 2:

Then get the Google Docs add-on.

Screenshot of RefWorks with the "Get the Add-on" button circled.

Step 3:

The add-on becomes part of the Google Docs toolbar.

Screenshot of a Google Doc where the words "Click here" are pointing to the menu bar "Add-ons" and ProQuest RefWorks is added then "Manage citations" is circled.

Step 4:

Your RefWorks references appear on the right.  You can insert references as you write your paper.

Screenshot of a Google dock with and arrow pointing to a point in the document where a citation should be added with the words "Place the cursor..." and "...then choose the reference" pointing to the "Cite this" button.

Step 5:

As you insert citations, you build your bibliography along with them.

Screenshot of Google Doc where an arrow is pointing to the document's bibliography and has the words "A bibliography accumulates at the end of the document" written above.

Create Citations and a Bibliography Using Microsoft Word

Step 1:

Start at the Tools menu (stacked triple dot icon).

Screenshot of RefWorks with the words "Click here" pointing to the triple stacked dot icon with the button "Tools" circled.

Step 2:

Then download the Microsoft Word plugin.

Screenshot of Microsoft Word window with RefWorks add-on in an overlay and the "Download & Install" button is circled.