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Remote Instruction Support for NYUClasses: Adding Library Resources

A faculty how-to guide for adding library resources to NYUClasses.

Options for Adding Resources to NYU Classes

Do It Yourself

Use the instructions on this page to create your own library resource links to insert into NYU Classes.

Do it through Course Reserves

Course Reserves can scan a book chapter or article for your course. We can also link to library e-resource materials. Course Reserves is integrated into NYU Classes.

Make a Course Reserves request. (This Guide for Instructors will assist you with this process). 

Finding Ebooks

There are 3 search strategies for finding ebooks.  If you don't find your book in one tool, try another

  1. Online Catalog - you will find the majority of our ebook titles through this search.  

    • The "Always Available Online" filter tool helps you find ebook, video, and music resources ideal for your course and quickly place a course reserve request through the catalog.

  2. E-book Collections in Databases A-Z - this helps identify specific collections of ebooks and you can search within the database for ebook titles (please note that some of the databases are not exclusively ebook databases and may have other content).  

  3. HathiTrust - you can find and access ebooks in the public domain.

Don't Grab the Browser Link, Use the Permalink

Each strategy for finding an ebook might require a different way for incorporating the resource into your course materials.  Follow these steps for each of the strategies.  Never grab the tool's browser URL, instead: 

  1. Online Catalog

  • In your search results, click on the title of the ebook you want
  • Click on the Permalink icon to copy the link
  • Paste the link into your course materials
  • The link will direct students to the catalog record for this ebook, which then provides a link to the full text (under the "View Online" heading)

Screen shot of ebook in NYU Library Catalog.

  1. E-book collections in Databases A-Z

  • In the database record for an ebook, look for the permalink (some times called persistent link, stable link, stable URL, or other similar terminology).
  • In some cases you'll need to prepend the NYU proxy URL to the permanent link so students can access it off site:
  • Make sure there isn't any space between the to put the proxy prefix and the permanent link URL, for example:

Screenshot of ebook from Alexander Street Press

  1. HathiTrust

  • In your search results, click the "Full view" link for the ebook you want
  • From the options tool, copy the "Permanent link to this book"
  • Prepend the NYU proxy URL to the permanent link so students can access it off site, for example:

Screenshot of ebook from HathiTrust