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Data Sources for Physical and Earth Sciences: Home

This is a guide to locating and downloading data in the physical and earth sciences.

Getting started

If you're just getting started with a project involving physical or earth sciences data, here are some questions to consider:

  • What geographic area are you looking for? e.g., North America, New York State?
  • What geographic scale are you looking for? e.g., global, national, regional, local?
  • What time period are you interested in? e.g., current? historical? prehistoric?
  • What time scale is sufficient? e.g., decadal? annual? monthly? weekly? hourly?
  • What kind of data would be good? e.g., satellite imagery, ground-based measurements, demographic information

Quick maps and visualizations

If all you want is a quick map or visualization of physical or earth sciences data, try these sites:

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