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Anarchist Collections in the Tamiment Library

A guide to the Tamiment Library's holdings related to anarchism.

Notable Anarchist-Related Archival Collections

Collections on Microfilm

The Tamiment Library holds approximately 10,000 reels of microfilm containing newspapers and journals, pamphlet collections, monographs, personal papers and organizational records.  The archival collections on microfilm consist of filmed editions of Tamiment's own collections and microfilmed editions of archives held by other libraries.   

Consult the BobCat record, collection finding aid, and/or collections list to determine if a collection is available on microfilm.

Email NYU Special Collections at for more information.

Finding Archival Collections in Tamiment

Collections List / Finding Aids

Browse a full list of archival collections in Tamiment, including personal papers, organizational records, oral history, photograph, and printed ephemera collections and link to finding aids, where available.

Search Tamiment Finding Aids

  • Find archival collections by searching on personal or organizational names or subject keywords.  
  • Use the search box on the left to search our archival collections through the online finding aids using keywords from your research topic.  
  • Once you’ve found a collection that you’d like to access, write down the collection name, number, and box numbers you’re interested in.  For example, “Alger Hiss Family Papers TAM.314, Boxes 1, 2, & 3”.  Bring your list to the Tamiment when you visit us or email us at to get more information on how to view them.  Please note that some materials are held offsite and may take from two business days to a week to arrive for your use.

Printed Ephemera Collections with Material on Anarchism

Tamiment holds more than 40 separate collections of printed ephemera which contain flyers, broadsides, leaflets, clippings, reports, pamphlets, catalogs, brochures, bibliographies, press releases, programs, and other materials. 

Among them are separate collections on: 

which contain alphabetical runs of files, some of which relate to anarchism, anarchists, and anarchist organizations. 

You may browse a selected list of anarchist organizations that are included in PE 036, the Organizations collection, on our website and see the finding aid for the collection for complete details.

The Printed Ephemera Research Guide contains additional information about the collections.

Web Archives

  • The Tamiment Library Web Archive (Labor and the Left) consists of an evolving set of individual topically-based web archives, each containing a steadily growing number of periodically captured and securely archived websites created by labor or left entities (organizations and individuals). Archived copies of web sites are first made available six months after the date of capture.
  • The Anarchism Web Archive contains periodically archived websites of entities that identify with or are inspired by anarchist ideas, with a concentration on contemporary anarchism and in particular New York-based anarchism.