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Anarchist Collections in the Tamiment Library

A guide to the Tamiment Library's holdings related to anarchism.

Anarchism - Selected Photograph Collections

Pacific Street Films Photographs Collection

  • PHOTOS.046 - Finding Aid
  • Ca. 119 mostly black and white photographs of anarchists and anarchist gatherings, from 1919 to 1980, collected by Pacific Street Films in the course of its production of two documentaries on anarchism, including "Free Voice of Labor--The Jewish Anarchists" (1980), and "Anarchism in America" (1982). Images include portraits of and group photographs with Rose Pesotta (labor organizer for the International Ladies Garment Workers Union), Mollie Steimer (revolutionary and defendant in the historic 1919 Supreme Court free speech case Abrams vs. United States), Rudolph Rocker (Yiddish scholar and philosopher) and other anarchists, and of gatherings and celebrations hosted by the newspaper Fraye Arbeter Shtime, the Free Society Group of Chicago, the Mohegan Colony at Crompond, New York, and of students at the residential labor union training school, Commonwealth College in Mena, Arkansas.

Roberta Bobba and Peter Martin Photographs Collection

  • PHOTOS.055 - Finding Aid
  • Thirty-two black and white images of Italian immigrant anarchist Carlo Tresca (1879-1943) and labor and radical Communist activist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (1890-1964) — comrades and one-time lovers — and their relatives and friends, in the period ca. 1918 to 1959. Tresca was active in many radical causes, including the Industrial Workers of the World and the anti-fascist movement in the United States. He was assassinated in 1943. Flynn, a key figure in early twentieth-century labor struggles, was an organizer and an orator and served as a leader in a number of labor and radical organizations, including the I.W.W. and the Communist Party of the United States.