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Video Streaming

A guide to assist faculty in providing accessible links

What you will find on this guide

On this guide, you will find information regarding:

  • What a Persistent URL or permalink is.
  • Pros and Cons of using library or vendor links.
  • Copyright protocols for using streaming video.
  • Instructions for accessing and linking streaming video based on the individual database.

Course Reserve Requests

Faculty who wish to place videos (physical or streaming) on reserve should use the Course Reserves page to submit their requests.

What is a Persistent URL or permalink?

A persistent URL or permalink is a durable link that connects you directly to a book, eBook, film, or other item in the NYU Library catalog or through the library databases. Persistent URLs can be helpful if you wish to share a library resource with your class or to quickly link back to a resource. Example: You can provide your students with the permalink to an ebook in the library catalog.  When the students click on the permalink, they will be directed back to the library catalog where they can access the ebook directly.  Using URLs also help us remain in compliance with copyright rules when sharing and linking to library resources.

If you choose to use URLs, keep in mind that users must be properly authenticated in order to access the resource. They may be prompted to provide their NYU Net ID, password, and SSO login credentials in order to connect to the resource. 

Pros and Cons of using library or vendor links

The streaming video databases accessible from the NYU library provide two different types of permanent URLs/permalinks.  Here are the pros and cons of each type:

1. Those that come from the library catalog.


Using them is straightforward and consistent. They look and behave exactly like all other permalinks in the library catalog.


They do not work together with the special features, such as clips or playlists, offered by some vendors.

2. Those that come from the vendor's site. 


They do work together with special features, such as clips or playlists, offered by some vendors.


Using them requires the professor to follow specialized protocols to extract and place them into NYU Brightspace. These vary from vendor to vendor and are explained in the alphabetical column of database-specific instructions below.