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Human Rights: Finding Books & E-Books

Finding E-Books

Some e-books are linked in BobCat, but many more can only be found by searching a separate e-book database.

If you can't find the e-book you're looking for, Ask a Librarian for help. 

Search NYU Libraries' Catalog (Bobcat)

Search Tips

  • Author searches:

To find material by an organization, use the drop-down menu to search for it "In Author/Creator."

  • Subject searches:

Use these formulas and phrases to do a subject search. Use the drop-down menus to search "In Subject."

human rights [country]
human rights government policy
human rights history
war crimes
civil rights [country]
women's rights [country]
genocide [country]
right to health [country]
human rights advocacy [country]
human rights case studies
social justice

  • Keyword searches:

Perform a keyword search by leaving all drop-down menus on their default settings. 

Example: "legal status" [group of people] will find materials on the history of the legal treatment of that group.

Search Credo Reference

Credo reference is an online collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, biographical sources, quotations, bilingual dictionaries, and measurement conversions covering topics from the arts to the sciences.

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