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Human Rights

Resources and information for international human rights research


If you are looking for data related to human rights issues there are three types of sources to look for: United Nations or other governing bodies; university projects; and non-profit advocacy groups. UN agencies -- such as the World Bank and World Health organization -- are very good at making their multitudes of data available to the public and are a great place to start your search. University research projects and non-profit advocacy groups are limited in scope, but are more likely to present novel collections -- either in the type of information collected or in the way the data is presented and used. 

On this page you will find a by-no-means-comprehensive selection of source organizations and agencies.


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Search across 34 UN agency and organizational databases for data and statistics here.

A selection of source organizations listed below. Full list here.

For information on how to find statistics from UN agencies not included in the UNData database see the Research Guide from the UN's Dag Hammerskjold Library here.

Data Planet

ICPSR Bibliography of Data-Related Literature

The ICPSR Bibliography of Data-Related Literature is a continuously updated database that allows you to search for articles and other publications first, and then link directly to the datasets used by those articles.

Search the ICPSR here.

International Data

United States Data

These data sources are useful for those studying human rights issues within the U.S. 

If you are looking for other country-specific datasets, consider exploring NYU Libraries' Area Studies Research Guides. You may also consult government websites, non-profits and NGOs, and universities within the country of interest. 

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