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ABBYY FineReader Tutorial

A guide to using ABBYY FineReader for text extraction from documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Module 4: Exporting OCR Results

ABBYY OCR results can be saved to a file, sent to another application, sent to the PDF Editor, copied to the Clipboard, or e-mailed. You can also send OCR results to, where they will be converted to a format usable in a Kindle reader. You can save either the entire document, or selected pages only.

Step 1. Save Recognized Text

On the main toolbar, click the arrow next to the Save button and select a document saving mode and page objects to preserve.

Here is a screen shot of the main toolbar:

Screen capture of the ABBYY main toolbar showing the dropdown menu for selecting how to export output of an OCR session.

The available file formats are listed beneath each mode.

Step 2. Select a Save Mode

  1. Exact copy produces a document whose formatting corresponds to that of the original. Recommended for documents with complex formatting, such as promotion booklets. Note, however, that this option limits your ability to change the text and format of the output document.
  2. Editable copy produces a document whose formatting may differ slightly from that of the original. Documents produced in this mode are easy to edit.
  3. Formatted text retains the fonts, font sizes, and paragraphs, but does not retain the exact spacing or locations of the objects on the page. The text produced will be left-aligned (texts in right-to-left scripts will be right-aligned).
  4. Plain text does not retain text formatting.
  5. Flexible layout produces an HTML document with the positions of the objects as close to the original as is technically possible

Step 3. Configure Detailed Options

From the main topmost menu, select Tools > Options. On the Format Settings tab of the Options dialog box, select the desired saving options and click OK. Here is a screen shot of the format settings menu:

Screen capture of the ABBYY options menu showing the format settings tab selected and the options available to a user to format output files.

On the main toolbar, click the arrow to the right of the Save button and select the appropriate option, or use the commands on File menu.

You now know the basics of ABBYY FineReader and will be able to convert a large variety of documents and images into different outputs.