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Artists' Writings and Interviews

A guide to finding artists’ writings, interviews, and other primary source material. Originally created by Abigail Walker, 2021.

Audio & Video Resources at NYU

Search Strategies

Searching for an artist's name in Bobcat and then filtering by "audio" or "video" can be an effective way to locate interviews and other resources available at NYU.

Terms listed in the search strategies section, particularly "artists interviews", can also be used to find audio and video resources in Bobcat. A search for records with subjects containing "artists" and "documentary films" may also be fruitful, as many documentaries about artists include interviews with or clips of the artist.

Collections and Databases

Online Audio & Video Resources


Many museums and universities (including NYU) host artist talks and interviews, which are recorded and later made freely available online. These talks may be related to exhibitions, or may center around a certain theme. Examples of such collections are listed below.

To find more collections of artist talks and interviews, try searching through the museum or school website of your choice. Video archives may be found under "Art and Artists", "Events", "Public Programming", or similarly named tabs.

Two rows of screenshots showing stills of artist interview videos that are available to watch on ICA Boston's website.

The screenshot above shows clips of artist interviews available to watch on ICA Boston's website.


Online Oral History Collections

Four people sitting at a long table having a conversation.

The screenshot above shows the participants in part one of the Getty's video entitled Oral History on Photography: Herb Randall, Ming Smith, Dawoud Bey, Adger Cowans, Herb Robinson.