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Artists' Writings and Interviews

A guide to finding artists’ writings, interviews, and other primary source material. Originally created by Abigail Walker, 2021.



NYU subscribes to a number of journals on contemporary art that regularly publish conversations with artists. Examples of titles to browse are listed below.

Journals with a long history of publishing artist interviews will occasionally make a series of them available in book form as an anthology. See the Books tab as well as the Search Strategies section of this guide for more on anthologies and how to find them.


See the Art and Art History: Articles and Databases guide to learn more about available databases that index art journals.

News Sites

For even more frequent coverage of artist interviews as well as writings, check these news sites. Physical copies of Art Newspaper (library catalog record) and Brooklyn Rail (library catalog record) with additional content are also available to browse.

Artists' Magazines

Artists' magazines or little magazines are serials that serve as venues for art and expression on artists' own terms. They can be rich sources of artist interviews and works written by artists. Though the most well known examples are short-lived publications from the 1960-1980s, artists continue to produce these magazines today.

The magazines listed here are available at NYU, or are freely available online. See the Fales Avant Garde collection and Downtown collection for more examples of artists' magazines and similar primary sources.

See the Avalanche Magazine Index to find specific interviews and features within.