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Resources for Data Scholarship in Business & Economics

Discover NYU's data collections in the business and economics disciplines.

What is ResearchDataGov (RDG)?

ResearchDataGov (RDG) is a portal for discovering and requesting access to restricted microdata from federal statistical agencies. RDG advances the evidence-building capabilities of the federal government, which was a key goal of the Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act of 2018.

Total 16 agencies include Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics and etc. can be searched in the portal. More details about topics included can be found by Browsing by Topics.


Accessing Restricted Government Data: NY Federal Statistical Research Center at Baruch College

Description: Join the NYC Economics & Business METRO community to explore how NY Federal Statistical Research Data Center (NYRDC) at Baruch College facilitates access to restricted microdata from agencies like the Census Bureau, IRS, BEA, NCHS, BLS, and more.

How to make a request?

The data described in are owned by and accessed through the agencies and units of the federal statistical system. Data access is determined by the owning or distributing agency and is limited to specific physical or virtual data enclaves.

Although all data assets are listed in a single inventory, they are not all available for use in the same location(s). Please note the access modality of the data in which you are interested and seek guidance from the owning agency about whether assets in the same location can be linked or otherwise used together. 

For more information, please refer to (RDG) User Guide (last updated in 2023). Please contact

Note, please pay attention to "Access modalities" section on page 7, which lists the detailed information of the places where the requested data can be accessed and used. Some are physical locations and others are virtual.