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Business of Media

This guide is designed for NYU students researching general topics in media business.

Did You Know?

Nielsen data and other ratings are very expensive, making it difficult for researchers and libraries to gain access to this data.  The Social Science Research Council Media Research Hub is working to gain affordable access to this data.

Nielsen Ratings

NYU does not have access to Nielsen data via Nielsen. However, there are several ways to get to Nielsen data.

Website, Online Marketing and Social Media Metrics

Newspaper and Magazine Circulation and Readership

Unfortunately, NYU does not have access to current MRI (MediaMark) data; however below are some suggestions for finding statistics, etc. as they relate to media.  Additional demographic/consumer data can be found in the databases available via the NYU Business Library.

Television Ratings and Viewership

Music Industry - Sales and Audience

Performer or album-specific sales data is proprietary information held by individual recording companies, and is often difficult to find in any comprehensive or detailed form. However, publications such as Billboard compile and publish charts on the weeks top albums and artists that can approximate this data. Other good sources for sales information are books about music history, biographies on individual artists, bibliographies and discographies.