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Business of Media

This guide is designed for NYU students researching general topics in media business.

Web and Library Access to Publications

Web access to publications:

Each title link in the box to the right will go directly to a publication's website. Use these links for:

  • Current news and headlines 
  • Simple searching
  • Access to features unique to the sites, including blogs, photo galleries, video content, comment threads, and more

Library access to publications:

Below each title, find a link labeled "library access." Use these links to identify and access full-text versions of these publications in library databases, as well as print or microform holdings in Bobst. The library databases will be useful in cases where:

  • You need to access older content that is not freely available online 
  • You need to conduct advanced searches across one or more publications
  • You want to save and format article citations or send them into applications such as RefWorks
  • You want to download article PDFs (where available)

If you are looking for older content, follow the "library access" links and check the date range captions for electronic content, then look to see what is available in Bobst in print or on microfilm. All microfilm is available on Lower Level 2 next to the Reserve desk, arranged in alphabetical order by title.

Trade Publications

Publishers Weekly

Description: Designed to serve all the segments involved in the creation, production, marketing and sale of the written word in book, audio, video and electronic formats.

Library Access: Available from several databases, with coverage extending as far back as 1992. Current print issues are held in the 3rd floor periodicals reading room in Bobst. Microfilm and microfiche cover 1966 through the present.

Editor & Publisher

Description: Covers newspaper industry and related businesses. Contains news articles on all facets of newspapering: newsroom & editorial, new media, advertising, circulation, promotion, public relations, production, news services & syndicates, technology, legal, campus journalism, and finance.

Library Access: Available from several databases, with coverage extending as far back as 1992. Bound print volumes from 1983-2009 are held in offsite storage. Microfilm and microfiche in Bobst cover 1961 through the present.


Description: Focuses on all aspects of the marketing, management and distribution of magazines.

Library AccessFull-text access via Wilson & Ebsco, extending back to 1998. Bound volumes covering 1975-2002 are available in Bobst.

Book Industry Trends

Description: Publication of the Book Industry Study Group, a trade organization that advocates for supply chain standards, research, and best practices in book publishing, retail, and distribution.

Library AccessBobst has only a few volumes, covering 1977 to 1980, and held in offsite storage. The New York Public Library maintains an active subscription, though volumes have also been offsite and need to be requested in advance for use.

Many descriptions are taken from Ulrichs Periodicals Directory

Trade Associations