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International Relations: Finding Scholarly articles in Databases

General Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases are a great place to start your search no matter your field or topic area.

Database Search Tips

Here are a few tips for getting better search results in databases. This usage works on most databases, but check 'Help' sections for supported search syntax. 

Boolean: (using operators: and, or, not) 

mother and father searches for occurrences of both words within scope defined.

mother or father searches for one or all, but both are not required.

mother not father searches for occurrences of the word ‘mother’ without use of the word ‘father.’

(mother not father) and god searches for occurrences of the word ‘mother’ without use of the word ‘father,’ then also requires the word ‘god.’


art* searches for art, arts, artistic, artful, etc.


m?n searches for man and men. 

Open Access Reources

Directory of Open Access Journals

In addition to the Government and UN Resources (all of which are available to the public for free) use these databases to find free scholarly articles and other public domain materials.

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Important Databases for IR Research

Area Studies, U.S specific & United Nations Databases