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East Asian Studies

This guide provides access to key resources for East Asian Studies at NYU and elsewhere.

Library Access Information

For updated information concerning the library and services, check NYU Returns.

The NYU Division of Libraries has endorsed the pledge of the Asian/Pacific American Library Association, which has released a statement condemning racism and xenophobia in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic. See this list of resources.

Bobst Library Information

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East Asian Studies Librarian

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Bobst Library Quick Facts:
lower levels 1 and 2 are open 24 hours

Printers are on lower level 2

Reading Room

East Asian Collection and Reading Room Welcome and Tour 

Thursday, October 5th, 4-5pm


Please join us for a welcome tour of the East Asian Collection in the 10th Floor North Reading Room of Bobst Library on Thursday, October 5th at 4pm. A brief introduction to the East Asian Studies Collection will cover information about the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Collections at NYU Library and how to retrieve CJK materials now that the space is fully open to researchers. Come see where the reference materials are located, browse our Japanese manga collection, and enjoy the views with fellow East Asian researchers and your East Asian Studies librarian.  


Welcome to the East Asian Studies Library Guide

The East Asian Studies Collection at Bobst Library reflects the history of East Asian Studies at NYU. An East Asian Studies program came into existence in the 1980s and the East Asian Studies Department was created in the late 1990s. Graduate degree candidates were admitted in the Fall of 2004. With assistance from faculty in the East Asian Studies Department, the East Asian Studies Librarian began building the library collection in the 1990s.

The Collection includes materials in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages, as well as resources in English and other languages about the region of East Asia. For assistance with locating materials or with conducting research on East Asia in English, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, please contact the East Asian Studies Librarian

Finding East Asian Studies Materials at Bobst Library - Request Online

Searching at Bobst Library 

Start your search with our library catalog, Bobcat

  • You can search by title, author, keyword, subject heading, ISBN, and more.
  • You can limit your search to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language holdings, or also search directly in East Asian languages.
  • Searching for CJK materials can be done before OR after your search. For before, just type in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or romanized equivalents, or limit the language in the Advanced Search screen drop down box under language to the language of your choice. For after, once your search results appear, scroll down the left-hand side filters until you get to language. Then select the language of the results you want to see.  
  • E-books are available from the online catalog, print materials can be retrieved by you, or if they are off-site, they can be requested online with some scanning and contactless pickup or delivery options available. For example, choose Bobst circulation desk from the drop down box if you are in Bobst Library. 

If you are looking for journal articles, try searching our many databases.

Contact the East Asian Studies librarian to learn how to do all of this and more!

Locating Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language materials within the library


  • Books, reference books, and non-current periodicals written in the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) languages are located in the 10th Floor North Reading Room. If a CJK book you need is non-circulating (reference), it can be used in the reading room. If CJK books are located offsite, they can be requested through our Bobcat catalog. 
  • If a CJK bibliographic record in Bobcat says "Check Availability," it should be taken as a prompt to look at the item level, where the request options are going to appear. If in the 10th Floor Reading Room, you can GO GET IT YOURSELF,  or, you still can REQUEST DELIVERY TO THE CIRC DESK (OR LOCKER, OR ELSEWHERE), OR REQUEST A SCAN as you would for items located off-site. 
  • Books, reference books, and bound journals about East Asia written in English and Western languages are located on floors 1-9 and can be retrieved by you, or may be offsite and then requested through our Bobcat catalog.

Journals, Articles, & Online Databases

  • Current issues of print periodicals are in the Current Periodicals room on the 3rd floor. Older issues are on the 10th Floor, or may be offsite and can be requested through our Bobcat catalog.
  • If you want to read popular magazines in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (or in English from the region), try the database PressReader. Sign in with your NYU email and create a password for your PressReader account. Then under Publications, select Countries and Choose China, Japan, and Korea, or wherever else you are interested, of course. 
  • Databases, e-Books, and online resources can be used from any NYU Library computer, or your own by logging on with your NYU Net ID, whether in the library or not.

Visual Materials

Films, Videorecordings, DVDs, and other visual materials are in the Avery Fisher Center for Music and Media, 7th floor (search the Bobcat catalog to locate them as you would books, reference books, and journals. In the Advanced Search screen, you can limit "Material Type" to video for your search. You can also limit the language to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean).

Looking for images of East Asian art? Try ArtStor.  Artstor is now available in its new home on JSTOR!

Archival Materials

Archival material and special collections resources related to East Asia are held in the Special Collections Center, which includes Fales Library, Special Collections, and the Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives. Check their websites for hours and to search their finding aids in advance of any visit. 

For example: for archival collections at NYU Library, try these searches (many include Asian American content)

interested in East Asian or Asian American serials in the archives? Check out this collection: Asia Serials TAM.779

Data & GIS

For finding data or GIS, please check with our Data Services Department. It is located on the 5th Floor, Research Commons, Bobst Library. Send Email to

Guide to Finding Online Resources

Search Tips

  • To find Chinese, Japanese, and Korean materials (books, articles, video & audio), you can always select the language from the drop-down box under language, or use the filters to select language (on the left-hand side of the Advanced Search screen in Bobcat).
  • When searching EBSCO Discovery Services for articles, you can also select language as a filter on the left-hand side of the search screen, and select FULL TEXT for online.  Selecting "peer reviewed" is always a good idea too!
  • Try the New Feature: Always Available Online filter option.  From the Advanced Search screen, click on Always Available Online 

Language learning resources at NYU Library

Online Database:

Mango is an online language-learning system that provides instruction for Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian, Russian and other languages. Includes audio and video learning tools. (requires individual user login).

Japanese Language Learning:

  • Try the Tadoku books (readers)
  • Access Japanese language learning e-book readers with Maruzen ebook Library
    • にほんご多読ブックス/Nihongo tadoku bukkusu (34 vols.)
    • にほんごよむよむ文庫/Nihongo Yomuyomu bunko (43 vols.)

East Asian Digital Collections

National Collections

This is a selection of useful online collections (if you know of other fantastic ones, contact the EA Studies Librarian). 
Library of Congress:

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The China Collection
East Asia

British Library

Cultural Japan

A digital platform that connects collections related to Japanese culture published in museums and libraries from around the world

Digital Library

NDLTD in Taiwan

National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan

National Diet Library of Japan

National Library of Korea

Academic Libraries and others with academic e-collections

University of Chicago

  • Bibliography of East Asian Periodicals (Colonial Korea 1900-1945)
    A comprehensive bibliography that contains 913 periodicals from the colonial period (1910-1945), pre-colonial period (1896-1910), and post-colonial period from liberation in 1945 to the establishment of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in 1948.

Duke University

Harvard University


Okinawa Prefecture Library

  • Okinawan Migration Record Database: You can search about 50,000 travel records of Okinawan immigrants who traveled from Okinawa to overseas between 1900 (Meiji 33) and 1937 (Showa 12).

University of Oregon

University of Pittsburgh

  • Chinese Political Prisoners - Collection includes 104 photographs of Chinese political prisoners taken between 1924-1946. Each photograph is  2 x 1 inches in size. Possibly political prisoners from the French concession in Shanghai during the 1930’s and 1940’s.
  • Overseas Chinese Studies Newsletters - Content reflects literary and artistic creations, thoughts on social, economic, and political issues in the 1960s and 1970s. 832 individual newsletters from 169 serial newsletters. 15,833 scanned pages.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

  • Bell Historical Postcard Collection
    The Bell Historical Postcard Collection consists of over 300 postcards, bromides, and prints that were created before WWII. Most of the postcards were created in Japan along with some made in Hawai'i, China, and Taiwan (Formosa).
  • The Emery D. Middleton Collection: Photos during the Allied Occupation of Japan - The image site contains over 600 photo images taken in Okinawa and elsewhere in Japan between 1945-1947 while Middleton served in the Okinawa Campaign of the Pacific and then during the Occupation of Japan as Battalion Commander of the Military Police.

UC San Diego Libraries

  • Chinese News 加華時報 (1983-1998) The weekly newspaper contains local and international news articles written in Chinese in addition to advertising in English and Chinese. The Chinese News has the inaugural content for the Sally T. Wong Avery collection, and features a digital archive of the newspaper created from the print archive.
  • Norman Spencer Photographs (1999-2019) Norman A. Spencer, Ph.D. has taught at universities in Africa, China, and the U.S. including the China Communications University in Beijing. From 1999 to 2019 he repeatedly traveled to China documenting notable artists, writers, directors, and musicians active in the Chinese independent and underground film and art scene. Most of the photographs were taken in Beijing and later in Dali in Yunnan Province in the southwest of China. 

USC Libraries

Ritsumeikan University, Art Research Center (ARC)

East Asian Digital Scholarship Resources

Digital Scholarship Resources for East Asian Studies and Beyond (PDF) compiled by the Committee on Technical Processing (CEAL) in summer 2018

This list includes:

  • Biographic Databases
  • Geographic Databases
  • Bibliographic Databases
  • Dictionaries
  • Digital Platforms
  • Digital Infrastructure and Frameworks
  • DH Tools
  • DH Library Resources
  • Thesauri

East Asian Studies at NYU

East Asian Resources in New York City

Columbia University's Starr East Asian Library will temporarily close from May 22, 2023-January 2024 for renovations.

Onsite access for NYU students and faculty to Columbia materials is possible with activation of your NYU card at the Library Information Office (LIO), Butler Library. Circulating materials can be requested online through the CLIO library catalog for pickup and use at Butler Library. The general collection of Starr materials currently held at ReCAP (Columbia's offsite storage facility) can be requested through ILL. For non-circulating Starr Library items, MaRLI and NYU users without MaRLI can request to use onsite at Rare Books Manuscript Collection (RBML) in Butler Library. An appointment is required.

To use the Starr Library Special Collections, you can make an appointment with the Rare Books Manuscript Collection (RBML) in Butler Library. (plan your visit). 

Those Ph.D. students and faculty with MaRLI access (borrowing privileges) can page the onsite collection of Starr Library through the CLIO catalog (location code will change to StarrStor) for pickup at Butler Library's Circulation Desk. 

Asian American Resources at NYU

For the Department, contact the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU

Special Collections at NYU have  Asian American materials
For archival collections at NYU Library, try these searches (many include Asian American content)

An Interview with Dylan Yeats, National Diet Library Newsletter, no. 2040, August 2021, about his time with Yoshio Kishi

New Asian American Arts Publication Draws on Unique Documents From NYU Libraries Fales Downtown Collection


Citing Sources in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language

Need help with writing?

Open Access EA Resources

The Internet Archive
For digital books to borrow, the Internet Archive includes East Asian content.