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Digital Humanities


What Is a Digital Humanities Center?

"A digital humanities center is an entity where new media and technologies are used for humanities-based research, teaching, and intellectual engagement and experimentation. The goals of the center are to further humanities scholarship, create new forms of knowledge, and explore technology's impact on humanities-based disciplines." from Diane M. Zorich, A Survey of Digital Humanities Centers in the United States.

Digital Humanities Centers provide a vital component of cyberinfrastructure for the humanities by enabling the scholarly work and research that is the heart of the digital humanities. They provide creative space for faculty and scholars to explore new ways of knowing and interaction with traditional humanities sources and materials. Centers also provide expertise in digital technologies and project development, host digital projects and collections, build tools that facilitate research in a digital environment, and promote scholarly communication through publishing their research, and by hosting and attending workshops, conferences and events.

Digital Humanities Centers

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