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Data Services : Mission and Values

NYU Libraries and IT support for quantitative, qualitative, GIS, and research data management

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Bobst Library, 5th floor

Staffed Hours: Spring 2024

Mondays:  12pm - 5pm        
Tuesdays:  12pm - 5pm        
Wednesdays:  12pm - 5pm        
Thursdays:  12pm - 5pm        
Fridays:  12pm - 5pm        

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Data Services’ core mission is to support data-informed research, teaching, and learning across the NYU community. We empower our researchers to build critical data and computational literacy by providing equitable access to resources, computational skills, and tools. We work collaboratively with each other and with our patrons to support all stages of the research lifecycle.


  • ACCESS: Patrons come to us at different stages of their learning and research journeys. We work to anticipate their needs and provide equitable and timely access to our collections and services to meet them wherever they are. We recognize the need to build resilient, adaptable, and long-term access to assets and services, and emphasize the role that open scholarship plays in enabling that longevity.
  • DATA LITERACY: Recognizing that data are not inherently neutral, we empower our community with the ability to interpret, analyze, and leverage data as a means of informed decision-making and innovation.
  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: We weave our commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout our work, as we build our team, provide our services, and take part in the larger university community. We recognize the importance of building inclusive learning environments that take into account the unique life and learning backgrounds of our patrons and peers.
  • ETHICAL PRACTICE: In our teaching, learning, and service, we bring our ethics to the fore, with an emphasis on transparency, privacy, open access, and accountability.
  • INTEGRITY & RESPECT: We strive for fairness and operate with integrity in our interactions with patrons and with one another. We are guided by honesty and courtesy in all of our dealings.
  • LEARNING & COLLABORATION: We commit to creating a positive learning environment for all, with the belief that we learn and grow alongside the patrons who approach us for help. We encourage and support our colleagues in the department, NYU IT, and the Libraries, and value collaboration as a means of furthering our collective learning potential.


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