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From the #BLM Collection

A picture of a spray painting of Colin Kaepernick, kneeling with a caption saying "Do you understand yet?!"

"Do you understand yet?!"

One of 86 photos of art in SoHo that was created by artists and activists during the Black Lives Matter movement in June, 2020. The collection of photos, taken and preserved by Bonnie Lawrence, includes web-ready photos, a shapefile, and an ESRI StoryMap.

Black Lives Matter Data and Resources Collection

Logo of the Black Lives Matter organizationDuring the summer of 2020, NYU Data Services embarked on a project to foreground the Black Lives Matter movement in our teaching, consultation, and instructional resources. Our project is motivated by a desire to teach critically and connect others with tools, data, and skills that will enable learners at NYU to explicitly confront racism.

The resources on this guide are a reflection of our ongoing work to develop anti-racist pedagogies. This page is a highly selective overview of NYU Libraries resources and Data Services teaching materials that advocate for anti-racism. Our work has a few goals:

  • Develop data into formats that are easily used in software by others
  • Create original research and data that reflects the movements of 2020
  • Contextualize data with materials and lesson plans for teaching
  • Augment our existing approaches to teaching to include anti-racist themes

For more information see the NYU Libraries Commitment to Anti-Racism


NYU Curated Datasets and Resources

Data for Anti-Racist Research

Lesson Plans for Data Instruction

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