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Digital Humanities

An introductory guide to the wide world of the Digital Humanities (DH).

Digital Humanities is...

All the ways that the humanities and digital technologies intersect.

Rebecca Davis

Introduction to Digital Humanities

Overview Resources

For every field of study within the humanities, there is a list aggregating resources. Given DH's eclecticism, no definitive overview exists. The following represent a few ways to get acquainted with the range of projects and approaches of DH.

Tools for Incoporating Digital Humanities Into the Classroom

Digital Humanities has many points of intersection with pedagogy, particularly with open pedagogy and open educational resources (OER). For more information about OER, visit NYU's OER Research Guide. For information about teaching digital humanities in your classroom, try the following resources.

Some Blogs to Follow

Perhaps because its practitioners are testing the capacities of digital communication, digital humanities boasts a rich range of scholarly blogs. The following are some notable scholars who use blogs as part of their DH work.

Digital Humanities at NYU

For more information and the latest updates about digital humanities at NYU, visit