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NYU/LIU Dual Degree Program

New York University has partnered with Long Island University’s Palmer School of Library and Information Science to offer a combined 52-credit dual master's degree program that prepares students for careers in the field of library science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three-course maximum eligibility: If I have more than 3 courses completed at either LIU or NYU, can I still become a Dual Degree student?

No. If you have already completed more than three classes at NYU, you will not be eligible for the Dual Degree program. NYU students can apply to LIU’s Advanced Standing program at LIU to transfer some NYU credits to your LIU-Palmer MLIS program. This would make you a complete LIU student, and a separate NYU student, and not a dually related NYU-Palmer student. If you have more than three LIU courses, you should speak with your advisor prior to considering the Dual Degree program.


Matriculation: Can I still matriculate at NYU or LIU if I am completed with my course requirements at either school?

You can take classes at only one school for a semester. If you are only taking classes at one school, you must “file” for maintenance of matriculation at the school you are not taking classes at. If you would like to take classes at only LIU, you must register as “Maintaining Matriculation” with your NYU department. If students are not taking a class at LIU, then they must register for Maintenance of Matriculation at LIU; contact Dr. Bea Baaden ( for the permission code to enroll. There is a tuition cost to maintain matriculation at either school.


I don’t know if the Dual Degree Program is right for me. Who can I talk to?

If you have questions regarding the program, or if you are interested in speaking with a current or former student, please email Peter Culliney (, or contact your NYU graduate program advisor.


I would like to apply to the Dual Degree program, but my preferred NYU program is not listed. Can I still apply?

The Dual Degree program is a collaboration between LIU and specific NYU departments in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. No other programs participate in the Dual Degree program.


What are the employment opportunities on NYU’s campus?

There are a variety of on-campus employment opportunities in the NYU libraries and in specific academic departments. Please visit NYU’s On Campus Employment page to explore available opportunities. Mentorship co-coordinators share employment opportunities as they arrive throughout the semester.


Do I really have to fill out the Consortium Agreement every semester?

Yes, the Consortium Agreement lets NYU know that you are still matriculated at both universities. Financial aid is often dependent on how many credits you are taking; it is important that both institutions be aware of your course load.


How many credits will I need to graduate from the program?


How long will the Dual Degree program take?

The length of the Dual Degree program is individualized to your personal needs and will depend on the characteristics of the NYU degree you are pursuing and any specialty paths you pursue for the library degree. Some students are full-time students, while others complete the program part time.


Graduation: When do I actually graduate from the Dual Degree program?

There is no separate “Dual Degree graduation.” Students will graduate from their respective campuses once their coursework is completed. When LIU courses are completed, students can graduate from LIU. Once NYU courses are completed, students can graduate from NYU.

Course transfers need to be submitted for both schools before any graduation takes place.

  • LIU requires that an official transcript of NYU classes be sent to Dr. Bea Baaden ( who will transfer 3 of your NYU classes so that you will be graduating with the full MSLIS degree.
    • Contact Dr. Baaden at least one semester prior to graduation.
  • To transfer LIU classes to NYU, please speak to your NYU advisor.